Empower children, elevate your brand.

We empower mission-driven companies and organisations to prioritise children’s well-being and needs through impactful child-centered design. Our unique blend of expertise and methodologies will help you:
Increase brand loyalty and positive perception among parents, families and children
Boost user engagement with children through accessible and inclusive designs
Drive impactful change in society


How can we help you?

Consultancy and Design Services

— Consultancy
— Digital design and motion

— Service Design
— Spatial design and orientation systems
— Play and product design and development

We provide consultancy services to various stakeholders, such as startups, corporations, governments, municipalities, NGOs, and businesses, to help them create child-centric solutions. This involves designing child-friendly public spaces, events, schools and classrooms, toys, experiences, services and technologies.
We develop toys, games, and other products with focus groups, in collaboration with children. Encourage their involvement in the design process to ensure the products meet their needs and preferences.

Research & UX for/with Kids

— Research and product reviews
— Lean UXD and UX Audit
— Co-design and co-creation sessions
— Team building e digital coaching
— Kids and Teens User Experience Driven Design (UXDD)

We conduct extensive research to understand children’s needs, preferences, and rights and analyse data through surveys, interviews, and observations. We make product reviews. In our process we collaborate with professionals in different fields such as: child psychologists, educators, child welfare organizations, lawyers and other experts to ensure the effectiveness and ethical considerations.
We create prototypes of your designs along side with children, through co-design and co-creation processes we gather their feedback and iterate on the designs to ensure they truly cater to the needs and development of the child.
Play is crucial for children’s development and learning and our user experience driven design methodologies are enjoyable and encourage engagement with emotional considerations beyond task completion.

Workshops and Cultural Mediation

— Educacional services for museums and institutions
— Art and design projects and exhibitions
— Events, seminars and design sprints

We collaborate with museums, institutions, or organisations to develop educational programs and interactive exhibits tailored to children and families. These might focus on art, design, history, science, technology, or other subjects, making learning engaging and accessible for kids and promoting family bounds.
We conduct workshops, organize exhibitions and events aimed at involving children in the design process. We engage children in brainstorming sessions, design thinking workshops, ‘designathons’, guerrilla/activism actions or flashmobs where they contribute with their ideas and perspectives to major societal problems.

Advocacy, Policy making and Awareness

We advocate for children’s rights and the importance of a child-centered design approach through campaigns, actions, and collaborations with NGOs, such as the Designing for Children’s Rights International Association, and media outlets such as PÚBLICO.
By integrating these values we develop meaningful and impactful solutions that truly enhance the quality of life for children, respecting their rights and perspectives.


We work with: