Three immersive, educational, and creative experiences aimed at families, inspired by the exhibition ‘Petrichor: the Smell of Rain’, curated by Fernando Brízio on show at Casa do Design until 3 December and by this year’s Porto Design Biennale theme ‘Being Water: How we flow together and shape each other’.

Introduce children to what design is about and which processes a real designer uses through hands-on and professional-based workshops in an impactful way to ignite their interest.
Pave their way to become future designers, creatives in any field or co-designers through design thinking. Children’s rights oriented design activities and workshops engaging families and empowering children.

The approach of the activities is not to ask, ‘What do we want the child to know and be able to do?’ but instead ask, ‘What abilities is the child spontaneously motivated to develop at their current stage?’ Rather than focusing on our own objectives, we should consider the interests and needs of the children (Crain, 2003). If we truly value children, our goal should be to create comfortable and effective exhibitions that cater to children and their families. To achieve this, we need to create exhibition environments that empower children to become authors of their own museum experience.