This is a public art project in Porto which was an example of how art can be used to engage communities, empower children, and advocate for important social issues. It celebrates the creativity and voices of young individuals while delivering a meaningful message through the artwork.

The large typographic message “WE HAVE RIGHTS, WE DESIGN THE FUTURE” serves as a powerful centerpiece for the project. This message, created by a class of 16-year-olds in collaboration with a public art school, communicates a clear and impactful statement about children’s rights and their role in shaping the future.

By inviting children aged 4 to 12 to add their messages and graphics to the art piece, empowering them to express their thoughts, opinions, and feelings. This helped boost their self-confidence and awareness of their own agency in the world.

Community Engagement and Advocacy Through Art

The project wasn’t just about the children; it’s also about the community. By creating a vibrant and engaging public art installation, the project invites people of all ages to appreciate and interact with the artwork. This sparked conversations about children’s rights and the importance of nurturing their creativity. The project combines art and advocacy by using creativity to shed light on important issues. It served as a visible reminder of the rights children have and encourages people to think about the future they want to create for the younger generation.

Education Through Participation

The act of creating art in a public space is educational in itself. Children learn about collaboration, communication, creativity, and the power of visual communication. Prior to the event we visited schools to talk about the rights of children, we’ve shared the D4CR design principles and invite them to participate in the public art project. It project served also as a fun and engaging way to learn about rights and social issues.
The project underscores the positive impact that art can have on society. It demonstrates how art can be a tool for bringing attention to important topics and inspiring positive change.

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