Welcome to DESIGNEDIN! We include and empower children and young people in the design process, through Child-Centred Design and Co-Design expanding their future and shaping new worlds through design. With an ethical approach centred on their best interests, we contribute to a fairer and more sustainable society. We support design processes and projects from idea to conception, in a human- and planet-centred way, throughout the life cycle of the product or service.

At the intersection with technology, we position design between technology and the user, to invent and reinvent the future, test ideas, and ensure the best strategy for establishing the relationship between children, their rights and their digital well-being.

Child-centred design goes beyond functionality, it’s a commitment to putting children’s needs, rights and experiences at the forefront of technological development. If you have a genuine interest in pressing societal issues and making them meaningful for children, parents and other stakeholders, this is the place for you. At DESIGNEDIN we promote impactful changes in society and the foundations for a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.

Through co-creation and co-participatory methodologies, we create products, services, experiences, indoor and outdoor spaces and interfaces tailored to children and young people and in accordance with their rights, extending their future and shaping new worlds through design.


How can we help you?

We empower mission-driven companies and organisations to prioritise children’s well-being and needs through impactful child-centered design.

Consultancy and Design Services

— Consultancy
— Digital design and motion
— Service Design
— Spatial design and orientation systems
— Play and product design and development

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Workshops and Cultural Mediation

— Educacional services for museums and institutions
— Art and design projects and exhibitions
— Events, seminars and design sprints

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Research & UXD for/with Kids

— Research and product reviews
— Lean UXD and UX Audit
— Co-design and co-creation sessions
— Team building e digital coaching
— Kids and Teens User Experience Driven Design (UXDD)

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What can you find here?

A little bit about me and how it all started, posts and reviews where I share articles of my research, ideas and projects. You can also find important resources I compile along the journey. Soon a design shop will be available!

“If children are not designed into our cities, they are designed out.”

The name DESIGNEDIN came from a quote by author and activist George Monbiot that particularly resonated with me. He said that if we forget to design for children in our cities, it’s as if we’re excluding them: “If children are not designed into our cities, they are designed out”. Children need to explore the city, be part of the community, contribute and discover their own abilities.